I own it now—it’s mine

I own it now—it’s mine

MPower has taught Rosie Denman to save for the things she needs and wants.

‘I needed new furniture so I went to MPower and they helped me to save.’

Rosie has prioritised her needs over her wants, and through Wise Buys has bought a chest freezer, a fridge, and a bedroom ensemble including a bed, mattress, tallboy, and bedside tables.

‘Everyone wonders how I could afford so much new furniture because I’ve always bought it second-hand. I feel good because I saved up the money myself and could pay cash for everything.’

Rosie is actively saving to buy more things for her home.

‘In a couple of months I am going to buy a new dining room table and couch once my savings grow again.’

Enabling families to realise their aspirations through saving is one of MPower’s key objectives.

Rosie’s story illustrates how MPower helps families prioritise needs and achieve their savings goals with disciplined money management.


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