Igniting a Passion for Leadership

Igniting a Passion for Leadership

Kayla Mallie joined CYLP as a Skilling Leader in 2014.

Since then, she has completed the Skilling Leaders phase and is now enrolled as an Excelling Leader. According to Kayla, her leadership skills have improved since joining CYLP.

This includes her communication skills, ability to motivate and inspire others as well as build relationships. She also now has a clearer vision for her future and feels more empowered. She uses her leadership skills in a variety of settings to inspire her family and colleagues.

“…at home I am a role model to my children, teaching them how important it is to have an education, employment and to be healthy. In my family, I encourage my family to get employment and get a further education. At work, I support my colleagues and encourage them to achieve their career goals.”

Kayla says the Excelling Leaders component of the programme has “…helped me learn more about myself and how to be a great leader.” She adds, “I never really saw myself as a leader until I attended the Program. Having low self-esteem when I started, it has really given me the confidence to be able to grow personally and professionally.”

Kayla is currently employed by Djarragun College to assist with the implementation of the new D Health programme. In five years’ time she sees herself studying a degree in psychology.

The most important thing Kayla says she has achieved while on the Program has been to build a great network of people from Cairns and Cape York. Kayla says, “Working and meeting with other Cape York leaders inspires and drives me to become more!”   


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