Indigenous program to tap top teachers

Indigenous program to tap top teachers

Top teachers and graduates would be lured to work in disadvantaged indigenous communities under a plan offering performance-linked incentives of up to $50,000 a year.

Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson is embarking on a recruitment plan called Teach for Australia.

The program, The Australian reports, was developed by Mr Pearson’s Cape York Institute and Sydney’s Macquarie University.

It aims to raise funds largely from the private sector to install 500 high-quality teachers in four years in remote schools.

Based on successful schemes in the US called Teach for America and Britain’s Teach First, the program will provide a model for sending high-quality teachers to disadvantaged schools around the nation.

Teach for Australia will offer experienced teachers fellowships worth $50,000 a year, tax-free, on top of their usual salary, and graduates will receive an additional $20,000 a year as associate teachers, The Australian reports.

The scheme will target students with tertiary entry scores in the top 10 per cent to work as associate teachers. They will be paired with experienced teachers, who will act as mentors.

The stipends are contingent on students meeting established standards.

Teachers whose students fail to meet the required standard will not have their fellowship or associate place renewed.

Teachers must test students monthly on literacy and numeracy skills, The Australian reports.

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