Introducing Terrence

Introducing Terrence

Meet Terrence, another member of our Garden Maintenance crew. Terrence is a hard worker, and most supervisors want him in their team because of his good work ethic and kind nature. All the crew members like working with him as well because of his positive attitude and he is not shy when it comes to getting his hands dirty and doing the hard work.

“A good role model is someone who is willing to go out of their way to make you the best you can be. My Dad is my mentor. He taught me all that I know. He taught me to be a hard, honest worker. [At Bama] I like working with Philemon because he gives me constructive guidance and feedback on my work.

“My favourite thing about Bama is the camaraderie. I like being around the lads and working with them. I try to build up my team members around me by having a positive attitude.

“Outside of work, I like fishing, pig hunting and camping. We have a cattle station on our family land in Normanton and I like to go up there when I can and go pig hunting. I don’t get to go up there much because of football and work but when I do I like to go pig hunting with the family.”


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