"It's the Children's Money"

“It’s the Children’s Money”

Helen Peter was working at the local school when Student Education Trusts started in Coen.

“I had five kids at that time. They’re my nephews; they came into my care because their mum is in Bamaga and they wanted to go to school in Coen, so they stayed with me. I got them all a SET account.”

Helen speaks to other parents outside of Coen who find it difficult to pay for their children’s school needs.

“I met a grandmother from Lockhart River who had to save up $2,000 just to get uniforms and school supplies for her grandson who started the same year as my nephew. She asked me how I managed to do it.

I told her I started Student Education Trusts to help me buy uniforms and books for Bobby when he started year eight.”

Helen uses the money she receives from Family Tax Benefit for her family.

“With the money I get from the Family Tax Benefit, I take out $50 each fortnight which goes straight into the Student Education Trust accounts and I find that very helpful, instead of paying it out of my own pocket.

It’s the children’s money, so it goes towards something the children can use.” “

It paid for the excursions that allowed my nephews to go away to AFL and Rugby League camps, and with everything they needed.”


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