Jack Strevens

Finding his groove – Jack Strevens

Making the long trip from the ommunity of Seisia – in the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York – all the way to The Cathedral School in Townsville for boarding school was a big life change for Jack Strevens. Education was always a high priority for Jack's family and they welcomed the opportunity for him to become a part of the Cape York Leaders Program (CYLP) scholarship journey.

To ensure that Jack’s transition to schooling away from home was more comfortable, CYLP provided on-the-ground support through Townsville-based SSO, Sharon Phineasa. Jack said that making friends also helped as well as the support he receives from CYLP. Another CYLP student at the school, Eric Bond-Cottis, is one of Jack’s childhood friends and both started school at Cathedral the same year. This was a great start for the pair who have been inseparable ever since.

teo images of friends Eric Bond-Cottis and Jack Strevens

So far Jack has been doing well and we are so proud of his progress. He is going from strength to strength and it is great to follow his growth and development. Seeing his older brother Mark (who was also a CYLP scholarship student) graduate from school in 2021 has given Jack a boost to know what can be achieved when you keep at it through to the end.

Two images Jack with his brother Mark Strevens

Jack is yet to fix his mind on what he wants to do once he graduates and for now, being in Year 10, all Jack wants to do is concentrate on his school work and see where it takes him.

Of his scholarship experience so far, Jack said that the best thing about CYLP is that “they are really supportive and encourage me to do more things and it inspires me to do more with my life”. CYLP are looking forward to supporting Jack so he can go on to fulfill his future aspirations as he transitions through his senior years and beyond.

  they are really supportive and encourage me to do more things and it inspires me to do more with my life.

Jack Strevens


Cape York Leaders Program awards Indigenous students throughout Cape York with scholarships to Queensland’s leading boarding high schools and highly acclaimed tertiary institutions.


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