JCU Visit

Kyiesha and Patick visit Joshua at JCU

As many students receive their OP scores and get word back from University applications CYLP Graduates are are also looking to being more post secondary!

Prior to making a post graduation decision our Student Support Officer Sharon Phineasa had taken our Townsville yr 12’s to visit JCU.

CYLP Tertiary Academic Leader Joshua Newman gave a tour of JCU Townsville campus to Kyiesha Zaro & Patrick Wallace our Secondary Leaders of The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James.

Josh graduated in 2016 from the Cathedral School, with Kyiesha & Patrick graduates of the 2017 class.

Josh demonstrated awesome leadership and mentorship as he did a great job in encouraging them both to pursue University studies to further their career options.

Thanks Josh for giving back to the Cape York Leaders Program keep up the great work!


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