Good Enough To Eat

Susan Joyce Bamboo ‘Joyce’ signed up for Pride of Place (POP) to make the garden look “beautiful”.

“My father was a keen gardener and would grow all sorts of fruit and veges and I want to do the same. I grow wild tomatoes and chillies. The tomatoes are good to eat—we cook them or put them in a salad.

“Since joining up I’ve learned a lot about gardening, how to look after it, water it and keep it in good shape.”

Joyce says that Barry Preston, POP Supervisor at Mossman has inspired her with lots of good ideas.

“Barry showed us a garden with Mexican chillies, grapefruits and beans. I am looking at growing paw paws, mint and spinach.”

Susan won ‘Best Edible Garden in the Village’ in 2012 and will nominate for the 2014 Garden Competition.   


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