Less Stressed About Money

“It’s made life better for me and my family.”

Katrina Douglas has taken responsibility for her finances and is in control.

“I use MPower and Wise Buys, it is better for me, I get better quality stuff for a cheaper price.  Because I get things for a better price I have been able to buy more—table and chairs, TV, couch and bed.”

“SET has also been beneficial because it covers school fees and school uniforms.

“Recently, my son Zion attended a school camp and I was able to use the money from his SET account to pay for it.

“I have learned how to manage my money. I found that hard before, I was in debt.

“MPower has also made it easier to save money—the money I got saved up I can’t touch it, which I find better. I know every year I’ll have more money than the previous year.”

Katrina saved for Christmas and says she was able to buy more things than previous years.

“MPower is one of the best services for me and my family and I reckon other families should sign up to MPower for their service and support.

“It’s made my life better for me and my family. There’s no other service that can provide us with that. It’s good to have a service in the community to help my community.”


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