Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool

Leah Kerr’s MPower journey is both extraordinary and inspirational.

When her fridge broke down she had no way of storing her lifesaving insulin, or food and bottles for her two year-old. Unable to afford a new fridge, she resorted to using the freezer and removed insulin and bottles before they started to freeze.

“I was stressed and worried where the next fridge would come from because I didn’t want to go through Rent the Roo.

“Being a single mother, it’s hard to save, financially difficult to save at times.”

MPower Coach-Consultant Zeila Wallace heard of Leah’s situation and introduced her to NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme).

“I was overjoyed because I could buy food to store. I no longer had to store things in the freezer and remove them throughout the day.

“Through MPower I learned that there are other advances, and ways of getting items, without paying back a high payment with no excess fees or extra costs.

“And you don’t have to worry about the money coming out of your account. It’s done automatically and will stop when the fridge is paid off.

“I am so proud to own a brand new stainless steel fridge. I found the payments affordable.”

“I found the application process good. Everything was accessible online.

“I’m also signed up to SET, Handicraft, Home Pride, Wise Buys and have nearly completed Pride of Place,” Leah explained.

Adorning Leah’s new fridge are hand cut-outs featuring inspirational quotes she crafted at Strong Families workshops.

“It’s my goal to be independent, not rely on family, and to provide a better life for my son.”

Her quote to live by: “Believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals.”


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