Knowledge is the First Step

Topsy Bowenda recently attended the Aurukun O-Hub to discuss managing her money.

She has been working full time with Transition and Support Services for two years now and enjoys helping kids get to boarding school. “If I could save up money, I would go on holidays or on a trip to America. I’d like to go to Texas, it sounds cool.”

Topsy was referred to MPower Consultant, Olga George, to complete a budget so that she could better understand where she was spending her money.

This was Topsy’s first budget. “When I did the budget with staff it helped me see that I didn’t know where all my money was going and that I could save if I wanted to and I could give more to help mum with the bills.”

Knowledge and understanding are key steps towards improving money management; we look forward to continuing to work with Topsy on her money management journey.


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