Learning and Applying Business  and Leadership Skills

Learning and Applying Business and Leadership Skills

Sha-lane is currently completing her fourth year with CYLP, having originally joined the Program as a Youth Leader in 2014.

Now, she is in her second year of the Skilling Leaders phase and is learning key business and leadership skills that she can apply in her workplace.

Sha-lane says, “Cape York Leaders Program has helped teach me the fundamentals of business using marketing and communication and incorporate that into my work … ”

Sha­lane currently works as an MPower Project Support Officer in Cape York Partnership’s Cairns Office and has worked with CYP since 2014.

“Recently, in my role, I helped create a video that would showcase our products and clearly communicate the rules and guidelines of our products to our clients within the four Welfare Reform communities. The Program has given me tools to create my video such as marketing techniques and the communication the video sets out to achieve.”

CYLP has also assisted Sha-lane to extend her network and learn key leadership skills.

“I always like learning new leadership skills and techniques to help me within my role and community. Cape York Leaders Program helps connect me with other young leaders all around Cape York where we share ideas and help give advice and learn from each other. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if I didn’t join this Program … ”

‘This Program is unique in many ways and gives everyone an opportunity to discuss important issues that affect all of our communities throughout Cape York.”

We look forward to seeing Sha-lane continue to learn and grow with us into the future.


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