Low on money

Low on money, high on stress

Susan Baru admits that a few months ago she  was low on money and high on stress.

The Hope Vale mother and grandmother had debt collectors chasing her and five children to provide for. There was never enough money to cover it all and money just seemed to vanish.

‘I was just getting stressed out where my money was going. It just seemed to go and I didn’t know where. I felt like I was going mad because I didn’t know how to pay my bills.’

Susan resolved that she was not going to let her money problems get the better of her and she made an appointment with an MPower Coach.

Susan worked diligently to improve her situation. For eight weeks Susan attended regular MPower coaching and consultant sessions to identify her money problems and learn how to fix them.

‘In my sessions I realised I had money going out of my account to products and services I had signed up for and some I did not need anymore. I cancelled them and got a refund.’

To tackle her debt, Susan has established payment plans and has learnt to use internet banking.

‘I now transfer money into my savings account and pay all my bills on time.’

Susan has adjusted her expenses so she can afford Student Education Trusts for her children and grandchildren, and is also participating in Pride of Place to renovate her backyard.

MPower has taught Susan how to be an effective money manager and take control of her finances.

‘I wasn’t going the right way about money like I am now. I used to have a lot of headaches. But it’s not going to stand over me now. I’m going to make my way through it. It’s not going to get in my way.’


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