Managing Money

Managing Money

John Gunnawarra has been an MPower member since December 2012.

Internet and Telephone Banking, Money Management Training, and access to the iBank have allowed John to develop the skills he needs to independently manage his money.

‘I decided to sign up so it’s easy to check my bank balance and so I don’t have to pay a fee’, John said. ‘Now I can use the computer to check my accounts and transfer funds into my savings.’

Before signing up to MPower and undertaking Money Management Training, John was reliant on his family to help him with his finances.

‘MPower is great because now I’m taking responsibility and trying new things’, he said. ‘My family thinks it’s great as I no longer have to rely on them to do it. My next step is to learn how to use the computer more so I can do other things as well.’

One of MPower’s primary goals is to increase financial access. John’s story illustrates he can now do this through iBank.


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