PHYLLIS Yunkaporta is battered and bruised – but not beaten.

The 54-year-old Wik elder was allegedly attacked by a group of women in Aurukun on Friday, suffering a split lip and swelling to her face and head. Police have confirmed three people are assisting their inquiries into the incident.

Ms Yunkaporta fled to Cairns in the days after the all eged attack, which she believes was motivated by criticisms she made about ongoing unrest in the troubled Western Cape community.

But she has vowed to return to Aurukun tomorrow.

“I was shaken by what has happened on Friday to me. I hadn’t expected anything like that to happen to me,” she said.

“I want to put that behind me now. It’s in the past now, this is a way to move forward now and concentrate on my community because the community does need help.

“People like me are pretty much advocates for the rights of the Wik nation, we need to be heard.”

Ms Yunkaporta said violence in Aurukun was at its worst in recent years, with a second attack on the local school principal proving youths did not respect their elders. She has called for swift action from law enforcement agencies and expansion of programs targeting youth.

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