Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Meet Sam! Sam is our Maintenance Carpenter.

“I’m a qualified Carpenter. I got my ticket through RPL and have been working as a chippy for six or seven years. I did about three years of concreting before that. I’ve been around a bit!

What do you like most about working with Bama?
Just a really good crew of blokes here, really cruisey and non-judgemental. It’s not so much a workplace and more like a community. Everyone looks out for each other and gets along.

An average day in my job…
I get here at 5:45, set up whatever paperwork I need to do and check my emails, leave here around 6:30am. Then I’m doing maintenance. Usually I’ll have one of the young labourers with me so we’ll go do four hours at one of the Goodstart centres, have lunch and then go do another four hours at another centre. Then come back and do half an hour to an hour of paperwork and then go home.

Where do I see myself in five years time?
I’d probably be back down the coast setting up my own business, working for myself and have a few young blokes on maybe. Either that or my brother is working as a chippy and my younger brother is starting an apprenticeship so we’re thinking of doing some kind of partnership. We work well together and we have similar expectations for quality of work and our goals are similar. I think that would be pretty good.

How I spend my weekends…
I moved up here in January, but back on the Sunshine coast it was surfing, camping, hiking, rock climbing and riding the dirt bike. I try to keep busy. Up here I’m fishing mainly.”


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