More money for the kids

More money for the kids

James Doyle was having a hard time staying on top of his bills and knew that he needed help to get his finances under control.

‘After working with an MPower Consultant I decided to voluntarily get a BasicsCard’, he said. ‘I knew it would help me manage my money because I needed to stay on top of my car payments and electricity bill.’

MPower and the BasicsCard provide an opportunity for families to take control of their financial situation, giving them a chance to understand money management skills.

Automatic payments were set up to cover James’ bills and he is now on top of his finances. It’s a change that is felt throughout his household.

‘It’s great that I am not getting calls or letters from the bank anymore’, said James. ‘I’m not behind on my payments and my girlfriend doesn’t ask me every fortnight if I’ve paid for the car.’

With effective money management, James now has more money left over to spend on his family.

‘We have more money for the kids’ he said. ‘Now that I don’t have to worry about paying the bills, I can do more with the money that goes into my account to help my family.’

James has been an MPower member for over two years and his partner is the primary donor towards their children’s Student Education Trust.


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