Creating Christmas Cheer

Kayla Kulla Kulla is setting a good example for other young mothers in Coen.

She heard through friends and family about Opportunity Products at the O-Hub and thought she’d see first-hand what they were talking about.

Now a member of MPower, SET and a regular iBank user, she feels like she is in control and making progress.   

“I have learned a lot. I have learned how to manage money better through budgeting, and how to do internet banking.”

“My SET helps me to put money aside for my son Phoenix’s schooling, his uniform and other educational things that you can buy at the SET stalls.

“I am working on savings to buy Christmas presents—a bike, trampoline and toys for my son and I have five nieces and three nephews I want to buy presents for.”

Kayla is working with Lionel Perrier, a Coen MPower Consultant to put money away to make Christmas everything she is hoping for.


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