MPower = Girl Power

MPower = Girl Power

Courtney Perrier is online and on track to make the most of her gap year.

The nineteen-year-old joined MPower in June to start researching university courses via the Internet on the O-Hub computers, and also learn how to manage her finances.

“I want to go to university and study and to have a savings plan and support myself financially,” said Courtney.

She is leaning towards creative courses in fields such as writing, the arts and music (she loves playing the guitar).

In the meantime, Courtney has a part-time cleaning job at the school and is keen to take advantage of online banking, in order to manage her income wisely.

“I started using the iBank to understand my income better,” she said.

“Before I joined MPower, I didn’t have a debit Mastercard and couldn’t do online banking, so I went to the hub to order one.”

Of course, being a teenage girl, these skills have also come in handy for another reason—shopping.

“I have used my debit Mastercard to buy myself items online,” said Courtney.

Being a savvy shopper, she has signed up with Wise Buys to make the most of her purchasing power. The Opportunity Product has assisted her to buy clothes, jewellery, and roller-skates.

When Courtney resumes her education, she won’t have to worry about funding her studies. Her mum, Marilyn Kepple, is still contributing to her daughter’s SET account, so the money will be there when she needs it.

What a mother and daughter duo.


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