MPower Graduate

MPower Graduate

Anastasia Sagaukaz signed up for MPower and Wise buys to learn to budget her money, to help with her family and to make a good lifestyle.

“I joined MPower to pursue a better life with my little family and I want to be a good role model for my son as he grows up.”

Anastasia’s MPower goal is “to save for a house and a car.”

She now works as an MPower Graduate, a role which she found out about by word of mouth when asking around for work.

“I have been in this role for four months and am enjoying every minute of it; I enjoy everything about this job.”

“I enjoy meeting new people, learning other cultural backgrounds, gaining new skills and knowledge in the O-Hub community and workplace; and helping people in my community.”

“I am happy and excited—this is a new environment for me—I have never worked in an office before. I basically do different things every day, meeting new people and getting to know my community more.”

Anastasia has the following tips for others wanting to get ahead like this: “stay positive, pursue your goals, achieve your dreams and never look back.”

“I found it easy to stay on track with the support of family, friends, and staying positive and confident.”


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