Dream Big and Set Goals

Dream Big and Set Goals

Thanks to MPower, Loretta Spratt can now afford to dream big, and turn those dreams into reality. Loretta, who works at the Mossman Gorge nursery, is on the verge of achieving her biggest dream—buying a house.

“My dream is to get an IBA loan for my new house,” she said. “I have the money saved, now I just have to sit with MPower and complete the IBA paperwork.”

Before she signed up for MPower in 2011, Loretta would never have dreamed that she could one day buy her own home. “I was always stressed and in debt,” she said. “When bills came, I never had the money to pay them.” MPower assisted Loretta by “teaching me how to save better”.

Now her financial situation is firmly under control.

“Money is there all the time when I need it,” she said. “Rent and electricity and car and pet… [bills] are all sorted now. I can pay them.”

And what’s more … “I learned that now I have money in the bank I can save for other things.”

Loretta, who is also a member of POP, Wise Buys, SET and Strong Families, is full of praise for the staff at the O-Hub.

“You guys have been helping me along the way,” she said. “Thanks for getting me this far.”


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