Setting Up For School

Setting Up For School

Gerald Nandy of Mossman Gorge has two SET accounts for his children, which he has used predominantly to purchase school uniforms, school bags, shoes and socks, and books.

“Usually I get normal stuff but my kids like to pick their own school bags. When the kids get to pick the school stuff they want, it makes them happy and it satisfies their needs and emotions. It makes my kids want to go to school because they have what other kids have, and they have what they need and they don’t complain to me that they do not have the things they need for school.”

SET makes it easier for Gerald to afford the uniforms and materials his children need for school. “I do not have to worry if the money is there.”

He said he is proud of what he’s doing for his children through SET—“It makes me feel good that I did something for them.”


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