New Wheels

New Wheels

With the help of MPower, Roy Gibson fulfilled his lifelong dream of buying a new car.

“I’ve had two second-hand cars, and had to spend a lot of money repairing and maintaining them. I had always wanted to buy a new car, but was scared to apply for a loan. I was sure the bank would knock me back so I went to see Roberta [Mossman Gorge Opportunity Hub Leader] for advice and support.

She helped me to put money aside from my pay and before I knew it, she told me I had saved enough money for the deposit and could now apply for a loan.”

Roy met with the local Bank Manager and submitted his loan application.

“The MPower Coach said he thought I had a chance of getting the loan. I told him I’d believe it when I saw it. I was scared the bank would reject my application but Reggie [Mossman Gorge MPower Coach] gave me the confidence to go ahead.”

Two weeks later the Bank Manager called Roy with the good news – his loan had been approved!

“Reggie drove with me to Cairns to look at new cars. We looked everywhere to make sure I got the one I wanted and that it was good value. I didn’t tell my family or friends what I was doing because, to me, I still couldn’t believe it.”

Roy saw the Toyota Great Wall 4WDs. After having a good look, he knew it was what he wanted and bought one that day.

“It’s been three weeks now. I recently drove to the Daintree to go fishing, and to try and get it dirty! I got it so that I could drive long distance. I’ve never been to Wujal Wujal so that’s my next stop – Wujal and Cooktown.”

“I never thought I’d own a new car like this. I was born in Mossman and I’m a proud man, but never thought I’d get a loan. I stepped into a new job at the Gateway, was able to save money with the help of CYP, and now own my new car. I am so happy.”


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