Cape York Employment participation rates exceed targets

, - March 8, 2017

An ABC story published online today has misled the public by omitting key facts relating to the good performance of Cape York Partnership and its subsidiary Cape York Employment.

Cape York Employment (CYE) has been working for four years providing work-for-dole, training and employment outcomes to 500 members of a number of remote communities in Cape York.

It was recently acknowledged for its work at Aurukun by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for exceeding its target of 45 job placements by 17, meaning 62 jobseekers in the community were placed in employment between July 1 and November 30 last year.

The Department conducts audits of the operations of all its job agencies and found last year that CYE required improvement in a number of areas. The Department notifies agencies of the need for remedial action by issuing “breach notices.” CYE took immediate action to address the issues notified in the breach notice.

The Department wrote in their letter to CYE in January 2017:

“The Department considers CYE’s results against the breach notice targets demonstrates significant improvement in CYE’s performance and indicates that CYE will likely be able to perform its obligations under the Funding Agreement in the future.”

Duncan Murray, CEO of Cape York Partnership, said: “While the ABC has been provided with this information, that is, that the required improvements have been made or are in progress, the reporter in question chose to position the breach notice as a fundamental question mark against the performance, integrity and competence of CYE. I’m comfortable that CYE is doing exceptional work in a challenging environment.”

“This is unfortunately the second time in as many months where an ABC reporter, in fact the same reporter, has deliberately discarded facts in a bid to create a sensational headline about the work of Noel Pearson”.

“This is clearly unbalanced, selective and unfair reporting. We expect better from the national broadcaster,” Mr Murray said.

“CYE is one of very few Indigenous organisations amongst 60 CDP providers around the country. The Department have previously stated that providers in 54 of the 60 CDP regions in Australia are being performance managed. Naturally, we wish to continually improve the services we offer to our communities through our contract with the Department and we will continue to do so.

“In collaboration with employers and community leaders, we are achieving some very encouraging results and changing lives for the better in remote places where employment opportunities are few,” he said.