Loretta Spratt is Excited for a Mayi Market Christmas

Loretta Spratt has a big family. At Christmas time, she expects that her home in Mossman, Far North Queensland, will brim with siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. The task of catering for the occasion both excites and nerves her. Fortunately, the Mayi Market has her covered.

“I’m going to have a lot of people here at Christmas,” she says. “What has Mayi Market organised for this Christmas?” she asks Terrence Douglas, a Mayi Market and O-Hub team member at Mossman Gorge.

As Terrence begins to list the options, Loretta’s eyes widen in delight, and close again in relief. The Mayi Market has helped Loretta with her grocery stocks since April 2021, and it seems that it will come to her aid again by reducing her Christmas shopping burden.

     Mayi Market's fortnight deliveries suit me because it helps me avoid over-shopping at the supermarket ...

In tandem with its regular food packs, Mayi Market puts together special packs for different seasons and holidays, including Christmas, for customers to purchase as part of their usual online orders. This includes bulk seafood, leg ham, frozen turkey and hampers with an assortment of typical Christmas desserts and lunch treats.

“Those hampers sound great; I really want one of them. And I think I’ll order a turkey and a ham,” says Loretta, glancing at Terrence.

This won’t be the first time that the Mayi Market has helped Loretta in a specific time of need. During the sporadic Covid-19 lockdowns, Loretta struggled to get to the supermarket to do her shopping. Mayi Market produce supplemented her grocery needs.

“Mayi Market's fortnight deliveries suit me because it helps me avoid over-shopping at the supermarket. Now, I just go and buy the few things that don’t come in my boxes,” she says.

“The boxes are full of things that I love: veggies, meat and fruit. I love the veggies especially because I can make roasts and salads.”

“I really love fruit too. My fruit box has grapes and apples and pears, but I have to take pineapple off my order,” she says, shooting another knowing look toward Terrence. “Doctors orders; I can’t eat it anymore, which is such a shame because I love pineapple.”

Loretta lives with diabetes. She says that the Mayi Market has helped her to create a nutritious diet, and has promoted healthy eating habits among its other customers in Mossman Gorge.

“As a diabetic, I have to focus on including a lot of veggies in my meals,” she says.

“I think the Mayi Market should make a recipe book to help other people learn how to use their mayi. Something simple, like a list of 5-ingredient dishes. That will encourage more people to mix up their veggies and fruits.”

Loretta raises her eyebrows and shoots Terrence another look with a sharp nod. Terrence coolly nods back. He seems to have committed all her requests to memory.

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