Prue Briggs is the Head of Policy for the Cape York Institute

E04 Turning Ideas into Action for Indigenous Australians | The Cape York Institute

“At Cape York Institute, we are constantly asking ‘why’. Why are Indigenous youth incarceration rates double the national average. Why haven’t we closed the gap in the past ten years. Why do issues in Indigenous affairs seem to be getting worse form time to time. So [we at CYI] ask the questions why, and have a deep passion for reform in Indigenous affairs.”

On this episode of the Time to Listen podcast…

We are joined by Prue Briggs, Cape York Institute’s Head of Policy. The Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership (CYI) is an Indigenous lead think-tank. Founded by Noel Pearson in 2004, CYI dedicates itself to reform in Indigenous Affairs at all levels of government.
Prue has worked in the public policy space for over 15 years, and is currently overseeing a policy ideas agenda that has the potential to radically transform socioeconomic outcomes for Indigenous communities.
In our discussion, Prue outlines this agenda for 2021, which includes the First Nations Voice to Parliament, a National Jobs Guarantee, furthering education, and matters pertaining to child safety.
Prue also provides an overview of how CYI remains in close consultation with Indigenous communities, particularly those in Cape York, to ensure that their policy agenda is co-designed and absolutely in the best interests of the people whom CYI is concerned with.


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