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International Women’s Day | Our Sisters

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the unique qualities and capabilities of women, as well as commemorate their efforts and struggle for the sake of equality. Women offer particular strengths in leadership, whether that be leadership in their workplace, their communities, their homes, or all of the above. But at Cape York Partnership, we are taking an extra step in this opportunity for commemoration and collaboration. We are not only ensuring women are at the forefront of the conversation around equality, but are also choosing to acknowledge and promote the capabilities and efforts on Indigenous Australian Women.

Women of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island ethnicity have had, and continue, to endure a broad and deep range of inequalities. They face barriers to education, employment and empowerment that the remainder of society finds ease in bypassing. They have been patient in their campaign for equality, and resilient in the face of struggle. Because of this, they are emerging as some of our strongest characters in society.

In this special International Women’s Day podcast episode…

We speak to a group of Indigenous women, emerging and established, who embody this reality. They are students, advocates, mothers, peers, dreamers and leaders. In listening to our conversation with them, you will come to learn about how the Indigenous women of Cape York are bettering the communities around them. You will also learn why their voices need to be front and centre in the conversation around Indigenous issues and rights.

If you would like to know more about our podcast guests, visit the Our Sisters Raisely page: https://our-sisters.raisely.com


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