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Remembering Lowitja O’Donoghue

By Noel Pearson Originally published in The Guardian I write to send my love and that of our First Peoples of Cape York Peninsula to those who were loved by…

The Indigenous Voice vote is a unifying moment

There’s a great deal of goodwill for our cause. It’s a modest ask from Indigenous Australians to have a say over the things that affect us

Fiona Jose appointed to Cairns and Hinterland Health Board

Cape York Partnership CEO Fiona Jose has been appointed a place on the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Board. Fiona is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leader dedicated…

A Mission of hope

By Caroline Overington, The Australian’s Literary EditorThis article was originally published in The Australian on Thursday 23 December 2021   There is no public figure as important as Noel Pearson,…

Remote Engagement Program Submission to Discussion Paper

Executive Summary Cape York Institute (CYI) shares the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to abolishing the Community Development Program (CDP) and welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Remote Engagement Program discussion…

Fund Employment Not Unemployment

Media Release A collaboration of Indigenous policy, peaks, and employment and empowerment organisations are calling for urgent action to create significant growth in employment in remote Indigenous communities. Aboriginal Peak…

Power Must Go to the People

Chief Executive Fiona Jose is determined to build a brighter future for her people – and she has the determination and skills to do it.

Australians deserve a job guarantee

The concept is simple. It is a job for all those who are able to work. The job pays the minimum wage, superannuation contributions and leave entitlements. It brings the dignity of work to every Australian including the disabled, mentally ill and extremely disadvantaged. And it is a better alternative to passive welfare.

The case for a government jobs guarantee

The transition of the Job Keeper and Job Seeker programs to a full employment scheme would effect the most profound change to the country’s employment and welfare system since the creation of the Australian welfare system after the second world war.


IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH ROBINSON ROPEYARN ‘ROBBIE SALEE’  8 October 2019 St Michaels and All Angels Church Injinoo Robbie was there from the beginning of our movement as Pama of…

Diversity in unity best balm for Australia’s conflicting identities

Australia, like other nations throughout the developed world, is in the throes of crises of identities. Identity and its politics is the new political correctness. Its rise is said to…

Walking Barcodes

From the Australian Newpaper – 2011 Getting Aborigines into work sometimes seems to be the least of Job Services Australia’s priorities. UNEMPLOYED people have invisible bar codes tattooed on their…


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