"Now I can do my washing any time."

“Now I can do my washing any time.”

Karen Gordon walked a kilometre each day to use her parent’s washing machine.

“I needed my own washing machine because I was going to my Mum and Dad’s place every day. ”

“With two adults and two young children, you have to wash clothes every day because my husband does the Gurrubi Tours and needs all his shirts. It was time for me to buy a new washing machine.

So I came here [to the Opportunity Hub] and we looked through the catalogue for the best value washing machine.”

In conjunction with an MPower Consultant, Karen discovered the benefits of online purchasing, and was able to source a good quality washing machine that was affordable.

“We went to the Retrovision site and found one there. I just paid for it with my card. Now I don’t have to go up and down carrying washing baskets back and forth to my parent’s place.”

“Now I can do my washing any time.”

Since purchasing her washing machine, Karen has signed up to more Opportunity Products.


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