Now I can save money for the things I need

Now I can save money for the things I need

Over the two years that Harry Liddy has been  an MPower member he has worked towards increasing his money management and financial literacy skills.

‘I signed up so that I could pay all my bills and learn to save up for the things I need.’

Having completed internet and banking support training, Harry is now learning to use the iBank facilities to manage his finances online.

‘I use the computer to see my account details and to do my Centrelink payments.’

iBank facilities in the Coen Opportunity Hub also help Harry to manage his money more effectively.

‘I am really happy that I’m learning to use the computer on my own. Now I can see I have money in my savings and pay my electricity bills.’

Harry is currently saving to purchase needs for his home.

‘Now I want to save to buy a freezer, and I will get my niece to come in [to the Coen Opportunity Hub] and buy cheap food [online]. Other people say that MPower has helped them too and taught them to buy the right things.’

One of MPower’s primary goals is to increase financial access. Harry’s story illustrates he can now do this through iBank. MPower also empowers families to manage money for their basic needs.

This story also highlights how families are acknowledging the importance of coming together to meet their needs and the role that MPower plays in facilitating such change.


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