Jillian McGreen has taken up a wide range of CYP Opportunity Products including MPower, Pride of Place, and Student Education Trust.

Jillian is also a staff member with Home Crew.

‘Working as a team member for Home Crew gave me the opportunity to participate in sessions for It takes a village to raise a child’, said Jillian.

‘I learnt all about the Triple P Program. I’ve learnt how to communicate better with my children and we’re making small positive steps to improve our home.

It’s now so much easier getting ready for school in the morning. I will keep going with the program so I can learn even more. I also have education trusts for my children.

SET makes it easier for me to get school uniforms and other educational items when my children need them.

I think all of the CYP programs are great, and I hope that it continues to get better.’

‘I’ve seen a lot of changes for the better in this community.’