Life is tough and it can get bumpy.. but when we come together it smooths out the path and the hills become a little less steep. Conquer the Corrugations Cape York Mental Health Awareness Walk took place from Friday the 28th of September until Monday the 1st of October. CYP were proud to sponsor this event to raise awareness of mental health.

“To get us through the 42 km walk from Coen to Archer River, we focused on the obstacles families face every day to live a better life.We walked for those past, present and emerging. Just as we do in life, we encouraged each other through the ups and downs in the corrugation, blisters, aches and all. Big well-done to the event organisers and participants who made the journey an honour. Not to mention to the amazing countryside, how lucky are we to live and work in Cape York.”
– Renee Gavin, Cape York Partnership