The Hope Vale Parenting and Opportunity Hubs recently participated in an Easter Parade organised by the George Bowen Memorial Kindergarten.

It was a fantastic event that delighted the children, and was a fun engagement opportunity for CYP staff.

‘Our involvement in the parade gave us the chance to network with parents, grandparents and the broader community’, said Audrey Deemal, Hope Vale’s Opportunity Hub Leader. We took the opportunity to promote It takes a village to raise a child and other CYP Welfare Reform initiatives.’

In preparation for the Easter Parade, Parenting Consultants, Home Crew and Handicraft participants worked together to make the Easter celebration memorable. With a buzz of excitement and volumes of inspiration available through the local Parenting Hub, the team came up with many creative ways to express the Easter spirit.

During the daily arts and crafts sessions held at the Parenting Hub, Handicraft participants made Easter cards, paper-mache baskets for distribution of chocolate eggs during the parade, and rabbit costumes and masks for two surprise Easter Bunny guests.

‘Making the paper-mache baskets was a challenge for the Handicraft participants’, said Audrey. ‘In our humid air the glue wouldn’t dry, so the baskets had to be dried outside but it kept raining so there was lots of running back and forth between showers. Everything came together just in time for the big event. Karen Gordon and Joanne Bowen played Easter Bunny and as they headed towards the parade, people in town were amazed. It was a great success!

The Home Crew ladies were the centre of attention and all the children had a wonderful time.

’ Other community organisations participated in the parade including the Hope Vale HACC, Hope Vale Workforce, CYAAA Hope Vale School Campus, Cooktown Day Care Centre and Cooktown Kindergarten.