Leanne Finlay has a current budget in place that she completed with an MPower staff member in Hopevale. By doing a full budget and sticking to it she was eligible to apply for a Step up Loan. Leanne’s loan was approved which enabled her to purchase new white goods and pay for repairs to the family car.
“I was able to access the NILs (No Interest Loans) and Step Up Loan through the OHub, I am very grateful
for these programs, I was able to take out 2 NILS loans and a Step-up loan that I used to purchase household items, tyres for my car and have my car repaired and back on the road.
I am proud of myself for what I have brought for myself and my family and for paying back all the loans that I have taken out. I have learnt how to do this through MPower teaching me online payments to make sure my payments were regular and consistent. I am getting more confident in using the computer on my own, I can now check my balance and transfer funds on my own; which makes me feel great about myself.”