The Mossman Gorge Women’s retreat at Cape Tribulation was a fitting end to a 10 week Women’s Conversation Circle.

The Conversation Circle meetings were held once a week in the lead up to the retreat and carefully planned to coincide with the full moon, which was the theme of the camp—the Kija (Moon) Story.

The Kija Story is a Kuku Yalanji dreamtime story, and is the birthing story for the local Bama people. The camp was held near the vicinity of where the birthing story begins.

The retreat was attended by a dozen women including camp co-ordinator, ITAV’s Julie Williams and Ellie Starkey, Community Development Officer/Counsellor at Mossman Gorge Wellbeing Centre.

Many topics were covered over the duration of the camp, these included—Generational Mapping, Kija Story, Mother Legacy, Two Hours of Complete Silence, The Wild Women’s Nature, Family Roles, and Feeling Good About Yourself.

The women also pulled out their crystal collections that were acquired through a recent workshop and used these to amplify their intentions of letting go, and creating new and positive situations in their lives.

This was done by writing down on a piece of paper what they needed to let go, and on another piece of paper what they wanted to bring forth. These were then placed under their crystal grids for the duration of the camp.

Some braved the cold water and went for swims in the creek, others went for walks on the beach, joined Yoga sessions or just enjoyed being immersed in the sanctuary of the rainforest.