Online Convert

Online Convert

It was through the Coen grapevine that Olive Pratt heard about MPower and online banking. “Other friends and family members are signed up for MPower and a few other products. I wanted to be able to do my banking online and research for things to buy online.

“Before MPower I was a bit uncomfortable when using the computer because I had never used it before. I am now more comfortable using the computer and have more knowledge. I have learned how to do online banking and shopping—the basics,” Olive explained.

“It has helped me in many ways like transferring money to other family members that needed extra money.

“I’m less stressed because I can pay my bills online. It has made me feel good.

“I am a donor for SET and I plan to sign up for Pride of Place. I want to show other people that internet banking is easy and I’d like to bring my Mum in to start a savings transfer to save for chairs and tables and a washing machine.”


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