We are bridging the divide for our children through recognition, empowerment and culture.


To be proud of their identity in an Australia that honours the rightful place of its First Nations.

This will be achieved when the Constitution is amended to create an Indigenous body to consult with and advise Parliament on matters affecting Indigenous interests. It is only right that Indigenous Australians should be constitutionally guaranteed a say in Parliament’s decisions relating to Indigenous affairs.


To live in homes with strong families and communities that nurture them, keep them safe and provide them with powerful role models.

To have an education that prepares them to live successfully in a modern world.

To take their rightful place in the economy and society, with the same opportunities and choices in employment as everyone else.

To live long, healthy and productive lives.


To learn the languages, song, dance, literature and traditions that are their birth right. Every child has the right to grow up with an ancestral language as a first language. Speaking our own languages and keeping them strong and healthy is important for individual and family wellbeing.

To nurture and to share our cultures as the legacy of all Australians and as priceless world heritage.