Family Yarning Space

Marilyn Kepple says, “My kids and I are excited about doing the Pergola up.”

“My kids and I are proud to finally have somewhere to call home.

We wanted something different like having a pergola added to our back yard because it looked bare.

We love the Pergola, and what we hope to do with it during the summer months is take full advantage of it like having BBQ and just finding time to go and sit there in the evenings just to yarn, relax and reflect.

My kids and I are excited about doing the pergola up like putting some climbing plants around the beams, finding some nice lighting to put up for the evenings and some beautiful potted plants to put around the outside and maybe putting up some water proof curtains for privacy.

It wasn’t hard to save as I nominated a certain amount to be deducted out of my account and deposited into the POP account each fortnight

The building part of it wasn’t hard too because my boys got in and helped as well.”


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