Djarragun College Song

We are proud to share with you the new Djarragun College Song.

Students, staff, families and special guests celebrated the launch of the new Djarragun College song today.

The song, written by the students themselves under the direction of singer/songwriter, Josh Arnold, was presented in a stunning video featuring our talented singers, musicians and dancers.

A group of 60 students of all ages participated in a week-long workshop which included writing the song and producing a video.

Principal, Kathryn Todd, congratulated the students involved in the project saying that had left a very special legacy for generations of future students.

An original and stirring chorus in the song refers to Walsh’s Pyramid, at the foot of which the school is located and from which it derives its Aboriginal name:

Right here where the mountain stands
We will learn and grow, on this land
Djarragun, Rising up, through the clouds
Djarragun, Culture shared, strong and proud


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