Submission: A fair go for Aurukun
Submission by the Cape York Institute to the Senate Inquiry on the Development of Bauxite Resources near Aurukun in Cape York.

Establishing an Indigenous Body in the Constitution
Supplementary Submission to the Joint Select Committee in January 2015

Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Submission to the Joint Select Committee in October 2014

Tribal Wealth: An inclusive prosperity agenda
The Tribal Wealth paper was written for the i20 Business Lunch to stimulate discussion and ideas.

Constitutional Reform Expert Panel Submission
Constitutional reform proposal written in September 2011.

The ‘gammon economy’ of Cape York: Lessons for nation building in Pacific island countries
Paper published in the Development Bulletin 70 in April 2006.

Can Cape York communities be economically viable?
This paper explores this question of the economic viability of Cape York communities in further detail.

Freedom, capabilities and the Cape York reform agenda
This paper was presented at a Centre for Independent Studies Forum at the ASX.

Building Indigenous capital: removing obstacles to participation in the real economy
Paper written by Cape York Institute in July 2004.

Three spheres of action
Paper exploring the concept of ‘community’ in the government and policy sphere.

Bending to dysfuntion, bending to the problems
This paper stresses the need to maintain high standards and expectations when developing programs to address dysfunctional behaviour. Read More