We approach our challenge with a strong strategic vision that deeply understands that we will only achieve our goals for the people of Cape York through an approach that comes at the challenge from multiple and connected angles.

Building relationships with employers

Only through understanding what employers need in their staff, what skills they require, what behavioural expectations they will demand, are we able to work with jobseekers to prepare them for employment.

Through engaging with employers, we develop employment strategies that are realistic and aim for the highest aspirations for the jobseekers, employers, and the community. In this, our role is as a bridge between the communities we serve and the employers that rely on skilled, stable, and enthusiastic employees.

Supporting jobseekers

Many of our jobseekers are overcoming years of passive welfare, addictions, and other personal challenges. We work with individuals and support them to access supports, such as through the Opportunity Products available at our O-Hubs, to build life skills that will help them prepare for employment.

Another important role we play is in assisting jobseekers to attain important licences and qualification required for employment, such as drivers’ licences, trade tickets, and others. Of course, a key component of our support is ensuring that our jobseekers understand the types of roles that are available, or likely to become available, and working with them to develop a personalised plan to build the skills and job-readiness that will give them the best chance of securing a job.

Linking jobseekers with opportunities

Our communities remain economically depressed and there is less job opportunities than there are willing jobseekers. Adding to this, many job opportunities are filled by non-locals, reducing further the opportunities available to community members. That is why we are focussed on ensuring that our jobseekers can compete for the limited job opportunities. We work closely with employers to ensure that we are aware of the opportunities and work with suitable jobseekers to ensure that they have the best chance of securing the roles.

Opportunities to orbit

As there are not enough jobs in the communities, we work with suitable jobseekers to secure opportunities outside of the communities.

These provide our jobseekers with valuable experience and skills to improve their job-readiness and increase the likelihood of securing a role within their community.