Cape York Enterprises established and operates three not-for-profit Indigenous portfolio businesses. These lighthouse Indigenous businesses are driven by the Cape York Agenda and directed towards driving economic development in Cape York.

Our portfolio businesses confirm that Indigenous controlled business can thrive and deliver real value to investors, compete in open markets, and create sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people.

We continue to pursue opportunities for additional portfolio businesses that can generate further economic opportunities for Cape York’s Indigenous peoples including in the soft commodity, infrastructure construction and maintenance, environmental services and tourism.

Bama Services

Bama Services is a leading Indigenous construction and building and landscaping business, successfully delivering projects across Queensland. Bama’s mission is to give Indigenous people the capability to participate in the real economy, thereby empowering them to be active agents in their own development. Since it was established in 2010, Bama Services has employed and supported over 140 Indigenous employees. It currently employs 40 staff, 75% of whom are Indigenous. Read more

Cape York Timber

Cape York Timber (CYT) is an Indigenous business that produces high-quality sustainable Australian hardwood and provides Indigenous employment and training. CYT sustainably and selectively harvests hardwood from Indigenous-owned land across Cape York and operates a commercial timber mill in Cooktown. Cape York Timber currently employs nine staff, 77% of whom identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Read more

Cape York Employment

Cape York Employment (CYE) is the Community Development Programme (CDP) contractor in Aurukun and Coen (Region 60). CYE seeks to move people from welfare dependency to employment by providing meaningful training and wellbeing support for jobseekers. 36 staff members were employed with CYE at the end of June 2018, 78 per cent of whom were Indigenous. Read more