Cape York Girl Academy seeks to grow effective and confident mothers, happy and confident children, and provide young Indigenous women with opportunities for growth and success in every aspect of their lives.

School’s out for 2018!

WOOHOO, SCHOOL'S OUT!! What a fabulous year we have all had here at the Cape York Girl Academy. Have a wonderful break and stay safe! See you in 2019!

Starting the Day Right

Our 15-minute walk to the beach resulted in a nice, cool, feet- dip in the ocean. Not a bad way to start the day!

Jamie-Lee graduates!

Congratulations Jamie-Lee Nobel, on completing your studies at the Cape York Girl Academy. We are going to miss you like crazy! Good luck with your future and stay in...

Friday Fun

The girls enjoying Friday afternoon, chatting and playing with Elicyah.

Forever Friends

Our girls love getting together on weekends to hang out and do fun activities outside of the classroom! "On the weekend, we went to Jump Mania. I liked jumping around from one trampoline to the next. Some trampolines made you jump higher than others! There was even...

Winding Down

Every Wednesday, during the last period, the girls participate in a one hour yoga and meditation class led by Jodie. It is a great way to wind down after a long day of learning!

Hot Summer Days

Last Sunday the girls attended the Transition Support Services Fun Day, held at Sugar World. Not only was it enjoyed by all students and boarding staff, but it was a fantastic way to spend a hot, summers day!

Coming Together

"Being down at the Yarning Circle is peaceful and calming. The sound of the river flowing, the birds chirping and the tree's rustling in the breeze, make a perfect spot for relaxing and coming together." - Esther Brim

A Trance of Calmness

Drumbeat is held every Thursday, for a one hour period. Miss Emmaline helps the girls experiment with different ways of expression through sound. This sound is usually heard throughout the school and is, at times, like a trance of calmness.

We Farewell Neil

We recently farewelled Neil. Neil wore many hats and was a great asset to the Girl Academy team. "Thank's Neil for driving us everywhere, cooking us breakfast and for making us laugh! Good-luck on your next adventure. We will miss you!" - Rosleen

The Future is Looking Bright

This Term in English, senior students are reading books to help determine which job may best suit them in the future. “I’m reading a book on forensic science, as I enjoy looking for answers and problem-solving. The book, Eyes for Evidence, describes the different...

Building Capabilities

At the end of Term 3, we had the pleasure of welcoming JUTE Theatre Company to our school to carry out a three-day workshop with our girls. All girls thoroughly enjoyed this experience, evident by the amount of laughter and joy that could be heard throughout the...

Coming Together

"Every morning and afternoon Miss Shoba leads Dadirri. This is a time where we all come together, listen deeply and take a breath. This helps me feel relaxed and reminds me of who I am and the country I am on." – Aretha Bani

Happy Holidays

As part of Junior Science and to celebrate the last day of Term 3, all Students went on an excursion to the Cairns Aquarium. They saw and learnt about a range of different species living in various environments within Far North Queensland. After, the girls went to the...

Keeping Traditions Alive

We can't thank the Walker family enough for guiding our students through the Cooya Beach mangroves and providing a delicious lunch! Our girls enjoyed the mud flat walk, whilst hunting for mud mussels and periwinkles in the traditional way! Learning about the...

No Blame, No Shame

Anne Russell, public speaker and expert on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), made a special visit to the Academy to speak to students and staff about the dangers of unplanned pregnancies, drug and alcohol use. She shared her expertise and personal experiences on...

Our Farm Visit

All of us at Cape York Girl Academy were recently invited to visit Miss Annette's farm. Learning about animals whilst being up close and personal with Mis Annette's horses, cows and their baby calves was so special and heartwarming. Here is Tanya, Aaliyah, Eesther,...

Painting Stories

Junior students enjoying their Friday art class. This term the girls are using watercolours to respond to the short stories they are reading in English from the text called Rain Stones, written by Jackie French.

Exploring Stories

During English with Miss Karen, the senior girls are currently reading ‘Holes’, an exciting story about a young boy called Stanley, who was wrongly charged and convicted for stealing a pair of sneakers. So far, the girls have explored the setting and relate to the...

Sporting Champions

A massive congratulations to the Centrals Trinity Beach Bulldogs AFL Club, U17's youth girls who have taken home the Premiership for 2018. Our girls, Brandy, Aretha, Shakayla and Raheena have played an outstanding season. We thank their inspirational coach, Speedy,...

Mathematics Wiz

In Prevocational Mathematics we learn about maths that are needed in real life situations. I love maths because it’s important in life. It is very important to be able to count and how to use your money properly. I’m also learning how to use and read graphs the right...

Life is a Beach

Taking a break from studies with a short walk and stroll along the local beach at Wangetti, is enjoyed and appreciated by all!

Kicking Goals at the Girl Academy

Last week two of our GA girls, Rosleen and Rickeisha made it to the finals after an outstanding season with the Trinity Beach Bulldogs. Next years aim is the grand finals. One, Two, Three, DOGGIES!!!

Because of Her We Can

As our final days of Term 2 came to an end, we held NAIDOC celebrations. Together we displayed artwork we created, enjoyed a special morning tea and performed drumming....

Healthy Habits

Home Economics is studied by junior students in years 7, 8 and 9. The unit of study this term is Food & Nutrition. Topics in this unit include: ‘What being healthy means’, ‘Healthy Habits’, ‘Healthy Food Plate’, ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Food...

Gaining Career Experience

Our Girl Academy students got hands on experience at the Careers and Employment Expo held at the Cairns Showgrounds back in Term 2.

Savvy Consumers

This term we have studied Health and Nutrition. We have focussed on the amount of sugar we eat and the impact this has on our health. We have learnt that ‘we are what we eat’ and many of us have decided to make some changes to our diet and...

Shakayla’s Science Journey

Science is offered to students in years 7, 8 and 9 at Girl Academy. Units covered are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. In term 1 at Girl Academy, the unit we covered was Earth & Space Science, which includes the teaching of systems in...

Keeping Fit

This term during our Health and Fitness sessions on Friday afternoons with Miss Sylvia Green, we have been doing aquaerobics, kickboxing, swimming exercises and much more for improving on our fitness and mental health. Being part of this program and participating in...

Emerging Artists

Senior Art students attended the Kettle Black Pottery in Freshwater to view the work created by a local artist, explore the pottery and create their own pots with faces. All girls were pleased with their work and are looking forward to glazing...

What is the Cape York Girl Academy?

Every girl has the right to a good education. With education, girls can change their world and the world around them. The Cape York Girl Academy ensures every Indigenous girl can complete their education.

It is Australia’s first boarding school designed for young mothers and their babies. Mothers and their babies live together, and learn together, supported by caring staff and surrounded by friends and visiting family.

The Cape York Girl Academy students will graduate with an education and the confidence to be the best they can be as individuals, as valued members of their community and as future leaders.

Our story

Indigenous women of Cape York are changemakers in our communities. Our Aunties, grandmothers and mothers have been concerned for years about too many girls not completing their education and in turn, limiting their life choices.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for our girls dropping out of school. Through yarning circles and community consultations, Cape York women asked for a place for girls to finish their schooling, to gain work skills and qualifications, and to grow themselves and their children as our future Indigenous leaders.

The Cape York Girl Academy is an Indigenous learning space based on family. Girls can work toward their goals, build healthy and happy families, and achieve educational, economic and community success.

Cape York Partnership built the Cape York Girl Academy idea alongside Cape York women. The direction of our Academy was, and always will be, guided by the direction of Aboriginal women, including our students. This way we can ensure the cultural, spiritual, educational and physical needs of our young women are met.

Our babies

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial to healthy development. Like sponges, the experiences children have in these years are drawn in rapidly, helping to shape the adults they will grow to become. More than anything else, the relationships children have with their mums and caregivers affect how they learn and grow. That’s why the Cape York Girl Academy is a boarding school for young mothers and their babies, built on family. You learn together and grow together.

A comprehensive health and well-being program for mum and bub includes all aspects of health — culture, physical, emotional, spiritual, social. The Cape York Girl Academy education builds on a family model, which at its heart is focused on healthy culture, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit and most of all, healthy relationships.