“The ripple effect of mentoring is profound. There is no greater evidence of a natural leader than the desire to skill and mentor another.”

– Noel Pearson

To support our vision and goal of being an enabler for our people and communities, mentor training embodies a critical element of a Leader’s professional development, ensuring that the ripple effect of strong leaders and role models is felt across our people.

Mentoring is the pinnacle aspiration of all our members. We seek mentors for all stages of the leadership journey – from Secondary students through to Excelling Leaders.

Cape York Leaders Program offers members the formal opportunity to receive training and support to become effective mentors. Our Mentoring Program represents a formal opportunity for our CYLP Alumni to receive training and support to become effective mentors, and seeks to enable them to develop mentoring relationships that enhance individuals and organisations.

“Most adults can identify a person who, at some time in their life, had a significant and positive impact on them.  Mentors can be friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers and elders of community.”

– James Fa’aoso, Head of Leadership, 2013