An excellent education is the foundation for a great life. This simple statement underpins everything we do at Djarragun College.

New CEOs (for the day)

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Cape York Partnership CEO Fiona Jose, invited two female students to shadow her for the day as Co-CEOs.

Team Tamarind

TEAM TAMARIND | The first two weeks of 2019 School Year were spent establishing what we know and learning the classroom routines. Team Tamarind also spent time learning...

Pathways Program

Year 12 students attended an excursion to DATSIP's Youth Employment Program (YEP) and met with staff that can support them into training and/or employment next year. Thanks for having us, we had a great day!

Remembrance Day 2018

A Remembrance Day that we will be remembered. Due to a couple of hiccups and some misinformation on the internet(who would believe the internet could be wrong!!), Djarragun Girls Boarding ended up at Edmonton for the service. We weren't in the right place. Sigh. The...

Summer is Coming

What do boy boarders do on a hot day? You guessed it, they head to a local creek to cool down. Here are some happy and refreshed boys after a quick dip after school this week.

Congratulations Aunty Lency

Yesterday the College celebrated with Aunty Lency who has given 15 years of commitment and dedication to the College. Aunty Lency is a very valuable member of our girls' boarding team and we feel privileged to have her at our College. Aunty Lency was very appreciative...

Students Aim for Learner Drivers License

Last week a group of senior students participated in a community training program to get their Learner Drivers License. Thank you to Barry Lea and Jennifer, from the Indigenous Licencing Unit who delivered the training.

Djarragun Day Out

What an awesome day out. Etty Bay was absolutely magnificent. Swimming, fishing, footy, lunch...and meeting some of the wildlife.

The Girls Try Out Hairdressing

Year 9 & 10 girls from 5C were guests of the senior students in Cert II Salon Assistant this afternoon. The girls loved their hairdressing experience and might choose to study the course next year.

Alumni Rosemary Tabuai Returns for a Visit

ALUMNI - Rosemary Tabuai who was Dux in 2006 visited students today to talk about her university experience. The senior students enjoyed the opportunity to get some great advice and words of encouragement as they approach the last five weeks of their schooling life....

Work Experience

Emma and Helen recently completed work experience at Wuchopperen Health Clinic in Edmonton. The girls loved the experience working alongside Indigenous Health Workers Muriel and Richard. Next year, Emma and Helen hope to commence their studies for a Bachelor of...

Because of Her We Can

2018 NAIDOC Celebrations.

Getting Ready for NAIDOC Day

5C Art (Ms Andrea) - Next week we celebrate our NAIDOC Day. We are excited to see some of the student work coming...

Tomorrow’s Engineers

5B Technology (Mr John)- have been working on building and coding their own robots. Here is Mack refining and testing his robot. Developing the skills to be the next engineer from Djarragun College.

Literacy Fun

Today Team Tamarind made Gingerbread Men concertinas to demonstrate their growing knowledge and understanding of adjectives.

Artistic Skills on Display

4A Art (Miss Amanda)- transforming sketches into 3D sculptures! First, they learnt the art of sketching and blending, then sculpting using DAS clay and today they are using acrylic paint to finalise their assessment.  

Maths is Fun

Team Tamarind have had a busy week. We were focusing on creating, partitioning and expanding 2 digit numbers in math this week. In English, we focused on our handwriting skills as well as developing our reading strategies skills.

White Balloon Day

White Balloon Day is very close to the heart of communities right around the country and is the longest-running child protection campaign dedicated to the prevention of child sexual assault. Students across the College wrote messages about what safety...

Valuable Work Experience

A key aspect to building capacity of our senior students is providing Work Experience. Last week Kieran was out and about with Bama Services, one our entity partners and a key supporter of our Work Experience program. Kieran is very excited about what 2019...

High Energy

Congratulations to Emma Ganaia and Helen Ryder-Jackomos who both were recognized with awards at the Energy Exhibition 2018. Emma received Encouragement Awards from the PAEA, Ergon Energy and TAFE. Helen received an Encouragement Award from...

Learning How to be Safe

Developing the capacity of the next generation of health workers through Djarragun College's Certificate II in Health and Community Studies VET courses. Yesterday our Certificate II students traveled to Cairns TAFE to do some practical sessions around the...

Learning Skip Counting

We have been working on skip counting in 2’s, 5’s and 20’s. We love helping our friends to extend their knowledge and understanding.


Congratulations to U14 Girls Pyramid Power AFL Team on winning the grand final over weekend. Djarragun College Students Jacinta Cool, Dulcie Babia, Linda Soloman, Katherine Akiba, Alicia Burns played in an exciting final game of the season. Thank you to club and staff...

Pasta Fun and Learning

Over the last couple of weeks, Team Tamarind has been exploring the properties of cooked and uncooked spaghetti through hands-on activities. Here are some photos of our work!

Winning Designs

Ms Nikki, 4A (Year 7 and 8) and Natural Beginnings Childcare were involved in a shirt design competition earlier this term. Winners were awarded at assembly today. The task was to design the new staff polo shirt for the childcare centre. The winning design...

Writing the Key to Success

Here are some shots of Team tamarind writing thank you letters at the end of Term 2 and writing about their holidays at the beginning of Term 3. Some great writers developing in this class.

Celebrating NAIDOC at Djarragun

Team Tamarind were invited to Natural Beginnngs Day Care Centre to celebrate National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. We had a blast!

Future Doctors

We think we have the next Ingidenous doctor coming from Djarragun College 4A (Year 7 and 8) examining skeletal structures in marine organisms (Science) yesterday afternoon, identifying endoskeletons and exoskeletons!

Next Generation Mathematicians

There is no denying that our future is safe with these budding mathematicians in our Team Tamarind classroom. They have been studying number sentences this week and here are some of their work. Look at those smiles. They sure love...

Traditional Boigu Island Dancing

Djarragun College staff were honoured to attend the 2018 NAIDOC High Tea. We were excited to see our student, Nodesha Munro-Tom dancing traditional Boigu Island dancing with her family.

Djarragun College is a boarding school catering for day students and full-time boarders from remote communities across Cape York, the Torres Strait Islands, Yarrabah, Cairns and surrounds. The College is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students and providing a robust vocational education program that will lead to quality employment.

Learning programs are delivered using Direct Instruction in Prep to Year 9 and a senior curriculum operates in Years 10 to 12, preparing students for tertiary studies or work.

For us, an excellent education is different for every student.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ thinking at Djarragun. Every student is completely unique and our focus is on firstly understanding where each student is at in his or her education and their aspirations for the future.

From that, we tailor their path forward, a plan for success, and a step-by-step strategy that will support them toward their end goal – a great life. Of course, their plan will change as they move forward and upward.

That’s why we constantly refine our understanding of each student and their next steps. Djarragun is a unique and wonderful school, but what makes us truly unique is our dedication to creating pathways for every student. Again, the end goal is a great life for each student. For us, that is a life founded on academic achievement and cultural connection. At Djarragun College our students come first. Their learning, their safety and their wellbeing are our core focus.