Djarragun College gives students the opportunity to take part in enriching artistic, musical and sporting activities, along with comprehensive Indigenous culture and language programs.

Club and Culture Program

Every school day from 3:15pm until 5pm, Djarragun College runs a Club and Culture program. The purpose of the Program is to offer students a balance of activities in areas of sport, fitness, life skills and recreation.

We offer art, home economics, music, cultural dancing, horticulture, information technology and fitness activities. All our boarders participate in the Club and Culture program, and many of our day students stay at school for the extended school day in order to participate. These students are safely transported home afterwards.

Sports Academy

Passion for sport is synonymous with many indigenous youth. In partnership with the Queensland Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and its Sporting Chance program, Djarragun has developed a Sports Academy, which provides sports opportunities and incentives to Sports Academy students to motivate them to achieve the goals of the Academy –

  • Attendance
  • Attitude
  • Academic outcomes
  • Aspirational leadership
  • Access to traineeships and jobs