At Djarragun College, we work tirelessly to ensure that no student is left behind, and no student held back.

Every student, be they starting out at school or approaching graduation from Year 12, is not at the same stage as their peers.

Over the course of their education, a student might excel at times and struggle at other times.

The Djarragun philosophy is that every student deserves our full attention with a specific focus on ensuring that they never find themselves slipping back below their capacity.

If they do, our professional and dedicated staff will quickly identify why the student is struggling and immediately put in place the achievable steps for the student to get back on track.

Just as some students will, at times, struggle with their progress, many will quickly gain momentum.

Their personal achievements will inspire and propel them. As much as it is important to ensure that no student is left behind, the Djarragun team are ever vigilant for opportunities to build on a student’s motivation and guide them to even higher accomplishment.

The Djarragun team have high expectations for every student and work tirelessly to ensure that each student, be they in Prep or approaching Year 12 graduation, is given every opportunity to reach and exceed their goals.

Being able to read and write and having numeracy are the building blocks for an excellent education and a great life.

Too many students across Australia are falling behind in these fundamental life skills. At Djarragun, this is not an acceptable outcome and it’s why we teach our younger students through the direct instruction method.

It’s proven to be the failsafe way to ensure literacy and numeracy. And it is entirely based on the principle of teaching at the student’s level.

If a student is struggling with a level, we adjust their tutoring to ensure mastery of that level before moving on. If a student is excelling, we accelerate their learning. It’s all about ensuring that every student can read, write, and work with numbers and that those students who have additional capacity can reach their full potential.