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Tackling the health gap


Located on the Djarragun College campus in Gordonvale, Ngak Min Health is a family-centred clinic. We provide comprehensive and culturally appropriate medical, health and wellbeing services to students, their families and the wider community.

Since 2019, we have been focussed on tackling the health gap experienced by First Nations people. As well as a full range of General Practice services, we offer onsite support in mental health, psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  

In the western Cape York language of Wik Mungkan, Ngak Min means ‘healthy water’. Water brings us life, quenches, cleanses and heals. It embodies Ngak Min’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Ngak Min Health is accredited to the RACGP Standards for General Practices Edition 5



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Why it Matters

Indigenous Australians have an average life expectancy 19 years below that of wider Queensland and an unparalleled lack of access to healthcare services.

The gap starts early. Of the student population who attend Ngak Min, 10% already have a chronic diagnosis and more than 75% did not have a health check in the 12 months before their enrolment.

Being located on a college campus can help us reduce inequalities in health outcomes by developing health-seeking behaviour and giving control to the students and families to make decisions about their own health.

What we are Doing

The Ngak Min model is informed by the ‘Team Around the Family’ approach. Through staff/parent training and curriculum integration, we are building the capability of all involved to promote healthy development and reduce the burden of disease.

With on-site access to a wide range of specialists, we’re limiting the multiple and complex referral pathways, which are known to hinder access by many First Nations people.

Our culturally safe, trauma-informed case management framework integrates into all social contexts, while also considering the complex connection between economic disadvantage, child adversity, health and violence.

In 2020 our services were extended to include Cape York Girl Academy and Bama Services.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Ngak Min Health, you can visit their website.

1 Maher Rd | PO Box 771, Gordonvale QLD 4865
Phone  (07) 4043 3799
Fax:  (07) 4042 9630


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