MPower supports individuals to manage money for basic material needs, build capabilities through financial literacy and behaviour change, and to build assets through saving and disciplined money management.

O-Hub is the One Stop Shop

Many of our partners use the O-Hub Self Service to look after their finances. They receive information and support on money matters and enjoy the freedom to manage their finances themselves and access support where they need it. In the words of one Hope Vale O-Hub...

Leannes Budget Success

Leanne Finlay has a current budget in place that she completed with an MPower staff member in Hopevale. By doing a full budget and sticking to it she was eligible to apply for a Step up Loan. Leanne’s loan was approved which enabled her to purchase new white goods and...

Christmas Budgeting

Have you started your Christmas budget? Olga George and Clifford Pootchemunka have! Take the stress out of Christmas and drop by your local O-Hub today to make an appointment with your friendly MPower consultants.

Aurukun Shire Council 40th Anniversary

One of the best things about working in the O-Hub is the friendships we make along the way. A beautiful photo of our MPower Coach Consultant Sandra with Jessie at the Aurukun Shire Council 40th Anniversary, following a big week of getting finances in order.

Anthony and Marcia Head to Brisbane to Watch Their Son Graduate

Anthony and Marcia are proud of their son Waynead, who will be graduating from high school this year. Waynead is one of our Cape York Leaders Program Academic Leaders achieving great things at Marist College Ashgrove. Our O-Hub team assisted Anthony and Marcia to open...

It’s Tax Time

Financial literacy and money management are valuable skills, and our wonderful MPower team work tirelessly to help Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge residents understand their money. Through the Australian Taxation Office Volunteer Program, we will be...

New Wheels

Robyn Gordon recently applied for the Step Up loan to purchase herself a car. "I had butterflies when I got my car, because I was getting my car, I was over the moon with happiness. I feel so lucky to have been given this loan, to get this car for me and my family. I...

Wise Buyer

Rex Gibson is one our regulars that comes into our O-Hub to purchase many items through Wisebuy. Rex just finished paying for a Headstone for his mother and now purchased items for his bedroom. Rex purchased items such as (doona, doona cover, pillows, sheet set,...

A Super Day

We wanted to share some statistics of the recent Big Super Day Out held in Palm Island, Aurukun and Hope Vale. The approximate figures from the event are outstanding. In 3 days, 195 Indigenous community members were provided education and connected with their...

Helping With Tax

MPower is travelling regularly to communities to provide free Tax Returns for those that are eligible through the Australian Taxation Office Volunteer Program. Tax Returns will be completed from July through until October. Get in touch with...

    Financial literacy

    Financial behaviours

    Responsible money management

    Economic participation

MPower staff talk to members about their needs, and direct them to whichever aspect of MPower can best support them to improve their financial literacy and behaviour.

MPower supports individuals and families to manage their money by:

  • enabling access to internet and phone banking facilities, with or without support from staff
  • helping members to overcome everyday financial struggles through ongoing family support
  • equipping members with knowledge and skills around budgeting, debt reduction, banking, wealth creation and bill payments.
  • providing support and advice around smart purchasing options, as well as understanding terms and conditions of purchase.

Members can build their financial literacy through a range of ongoing support sessions:

  • General support sessions assist members with general advice around basic financial matters;
  • “Little ‘A’ sessions” assist members to overcome specific and minor financial problems (e.g. paying a bill) to prevent them from growing into larger issues;
  • Budget sessions teach members the importance of budgeting and supports them to draft their own budget;
  • Money Management Tools (MMTs) teach members about banking, budgeting, debt reduction, internet and phone banking, loans, payments and wealth creation;
  • Financial counselling delivered by our in-house financial counsellor, who provides information, support and advocacy around financial needs;
  • Coaching consists of a series of structured sessions covering all aspects of money management, in addition to linking people with other opportunities (e.g. SET, POP etc.) to help them build strong financial literacy and improve other outcomes.
  • Wise Buys supports members to get value for money when purchasing household goods and services.
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