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Below are descriptions of the Opportunity Products currently available through the O-Hubs. All have been designed to build the capabilities of individuals and families. And all have been co-designed by the Indigenous communities they support.



Opportunity Accounts opened on Pama Platform


contributed over the life of Homelands


current MPower members

The Opportunity

Due to low socio-economic status, remote locations and a culturally different approach to finance, the majority of First Nations people in Cape York do not have financial security. With the appropriate advice, support and education they can gain the financial literacy and confidence needed to participate in the modern Australian economy.

The Product

MPower’s qualified financial consultants empower individuals and families of Cape York to improve their financial literacy and money management by:

  • Equipping members with knowledge and skills around budgeting, debt reduction, banking, wealth creation and bill payments.
  • Providing advice and advocacy around smart purchasing options as well as terms and conditions of purchase.
  • Providing access to internet and phone banking facilities, independently or with support from staff.
  • Facilitating regular financial coaching and planning sessions

All MPower services are provided free-of-charge to all O-Hub partners.

The Outcome

MPower currently has more than 150 members throughout the Cape York Welfare Reform communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge. These members are consistently visiting their local O-Hub to use the self-service kiosks and to gain advice and support from MPower consultants. Each visit is building the financial skills and confidence that are fundamental to their financial wellbeing.


The Opportunity

After many years, Traditional Owners are getting their lands back. With the opportunity for home ownership and land development comes the responsibility to cover their associated costs. Several families approached Cape York Partnership requesting assistance in creating a formal structure and agreement around collectively saving for the costs of owning land.

The Product

Through a co-design process with Cape York family groups, Homelands was developed.

Homelands is a free O-Hub product where family members save money to cover the development and ongoing costs related to their lands, including bills, rates, land surveys and building expenses.

All members make regular money contributions to a Homelands account, which can only be used on used for items stated in their Family Agreement.

It’s an opportunity for families to work together to make sure money is set aside for when it’s needed.

The Outcome

Homelands currently provides structured support to families in Coen, Hope Vale and Wujal Wujal to manage the ongoing and development costs related to their lands. To date, more than $75,000 has been contributed to make families land more secure and get ahead on their land expenses.

Homelands is being progressively expanded to more Cape York communities.


The Opportunity

With many financial and community services migrating to online platforms, it is vital that Australians in remote communities with lower digital literacy are not left behind. Pama Platform provides an opportunity for our First Nations peoples to participate and thrive in the digital age.

The Product

The Pama Platform is a web-based app – co-designed by Cape York communities – that helps users take control of their money and day-to-day life. Pama brings together existing O-Hub Opportunity Products and services and streamlines them into one user-friendly online application.

Users can access their Opportunity Accounts, build a resume, save important documents, search job vacancies, order their Mayi Market deliveries and see what’s happening in their community. By completing tasks within the app, users can also earn points toward gift cards and other rewards. 

Supported by O-Hub staff when necessary, Pama Platform is empowering the people of Cape York to control their own financial futures and increase their digital literacy.

The Outcome

Launched in mid-2021, more than 700 people in Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale, Mossman Gorge and other Cape York communities are actively using Pama Platform to keep track of their day-to-day lives. Pama will be rolled out to more Cape York communities, along with the addition of new features and partnerships.


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